Headlion Security Services

Do you need to hire a private security guard? Maybe you are searching for a security agency that can offer you professional services for buildings and events in Miami Dade county, Boward County, and the city of Cleawater and Tampa FL? In either case, Headlion Security is the right choice for you. We are well-prepared to take care of your needs.

Lic# B 1700001

We offer a reliable security service for Office Buildings, Hotels, Apartments, Convenient stores, and special events alike. With us, you can count on discrete and professional security that will meet all of your requirements.

We also offer computer forensic investigation for corporation in need. We handle many different cases such as Employee theft, Intellectual property theft, Stalking, Hacking, Financial fraud, Insurance fraud, Divorce, and Child pornography.

Because of the increased usage of computers, the amount of electronically stored data, email correspondence and business records stored has exploded. For that reason, the use of electronic evidence became very important in proving whether an individual or company is innocent or guilty in litigation. With the help of computer forensic examination, all or partial of evidence can be found and use in a case.

We will go through a consultation with you and will provide detailed information about the security measures and guards that we will deploy for your specific needs. We will also offer you an estimate on our services, and once you agree to our terms, we will take care of your situation in a professional manner. Choose us to be your private security agency, and allow us to impress you!