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If you need to hire a reputable company that offers a professional security service, private investigation and computer forensic investigation in Miami, Broward and Tampa, FL, turn to us! Here, at Headlion Security, we strive to ensure the safety and satisfaction of each client with whom we work. We can offer you security for special events, hotels, convenient stores, apartments, and your personal needs. With us, as your security agency, you will rely on experts with years of experience in this field.

Why Turn to Us
We are a team of trained and skilled professionals who know how to handle any situation. With our security service, you will experience the excellent attitude of our employees, competitive rates, and above all else – guaranteed safety. We have the equipment and capability to meet all of your requirements.

Provide Quality Security Services
Headlion Security was found in 2011 and it has been providing quality security services since then. We have been building an excellent reputation in the security industry since we started in 2011 which makes us unique and a significant and professional security firm.

Headlion Security was created in trust and friendship and providing security services which based on that same trust and friendship. Mr. Adly H. Mondestin and Mr. Paulin Boursiquot met in 2004 while they were studying in school together and became friends, and from that time they have built a solid and respectful friendship and trust each other. In 2010 they came with a plan of creating a security company after working in the field for many years, and in 2011 Headlion Security was born. In 2016 we brought two good friends Mr. Feguens Mileon and Mr. Kensley Milor who we trust to join us so we can continue provide a great service to our clients. Based on that trust and friendship we are able to deliver services to our clients that satisfies them.

How Is Our Company Different?
Licensed and insured, our security agency is well-prepared to address the needs of commercial and residential clients alike. We also offer emergency services and have the capability to guard special events and private customers. Turn to us, and allow us to exceed your expectations!
Based in Miramar, FL, Headlion Security is the company that will offer you the professional services you deserve.

Due to our professionalism in the security industry, we have the capabilities and the know how to provide security services in all types of locations to assist and facilitate any of our clients. We are here to help you with your security needs, so let us secure your world by Calling us at (813) 820-1960 to schedule an appointment or to find out more about our terms! 

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